Kissing it Better

The Kissing it Better Volunteer Programme

February 2022

We offer a rich range of ways to volunteer:
-Supervised zooms into care homes, hospitals or the homes of people living on their own
-Training in a variety of different activities that you can use towards your volunteering hours
-Masterclasses, with guest speakers, for those interest in a career in healthcare and other careers linked to communication
-Direct connections to care homes, where you can make and create items that will be sent to the residents
…and so much more!

All our virtual volunteering sessions are designed to broaden your understanding of the many challenges of old age. We hope this will help you support and connect with older people in your community. And we know it will benefit you, especially if you’re keen to pursue a career in healthcare.


Once you sign up, you will be added to our mailing list and sent an email with what to expect next. Later that week, you will then be sent our weekly newsletter, with all the latest details and sessions we are running.  If you are not receiving our newsletter with the weekly timetable (many email systems reject all or part of them), please contact [email protected], and she will send it to you separately.

ASSESSORS: We ask your assessors within school to sign off on your volunteering experience. However, if this is not possible, contact [email protected].

ACTIVITY LOGS: You can find our activity log here: Kissing-it-Better-Volunteering-Activity-Log  If you are interested in medicine, we also recommend you use this log to take note of the medical related skills you have gained from this experience. Here’s the link: Evidence-of-Medical-related-Skills-Gained-Through-Volunteering-1-2

PHONE GUIDELINES: For guidelines for phoning an older person, click: Guidelines for phoning an older person revised 10th Feb 2022

OTHER FAQs: If you have any questions about the Kissing it Better Programme, please check our FAQs Volunteering from Home or get in touch with [email protected]