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Whatever your talent, we need you to help make a difference. Can you sing? Create imaginative art projects? Give a relaxing hand massage? Or share stories in a way that makes older people feel special? Volunteering with KiB just might change your life.


The Power of Performance

The beauty of volunteering with KiB is you can instantly see the impact of sharing your special skills, whatever they are. Music in particular has a magical effect.

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Here’s what happened at the Whittington Hospital in London, when an elderly man heard a favourite song. He hadn’t moved without a walker for days, and spent much of his time sitting silently.

Poetry also has great power, especially for older people living with dementia.

In Ipswich, ITN News covered the work of young KiB volunteers, who clearly enjoyed the experience just as much as the older people they visited.

KiB is now working to become a national centre of excellence for our expertise in mentoring musicians into healthcare. “We already have some amazingly talented young musicians from the Royal Birmingham Conservatoire on our mentoring project, says KiB’s Jackie Roxborough. “We want to build that base and help other musicians learn how their skills can make the world of difference to older people in healthcare.”

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We’ve had overwhelming positive feedback from the schools, colleges and university departments whose students work with us on our healthcare projects. Laura Jones, Curriculum Manager at Walsall college sums sit up: “We’re enhancing the students’ time here at college ten-fold through the opportunities you give them.”

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Jill Fraser

Jill Fraser

For more information on our supported volunteering projects, contact Jill Fraser.

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