Kissing it Better

Get happy – volunteer!

April 2019

Helping other people makes you happy. Medical researchers looked at scores of studies from all over the world, and concluded that volunteering lowers depression and increases wellbeing. Helping others boosts happiness by keeping you connected, and making you realise how great it feels to make someone else smile.

Ellen & Lucky Laugh

Volunteering with KiB also boosts self-esteem. “We see young people who don’t have much confidence suddenly realise that they have a talent that can light up the day for a frail older person,” says KiB CEO Jill Fraser. “This makes them feel so much better about themselves. They leave feeling uplifted and energised.”

The charity’s new teaching courses expand on this experience, giving learners a fresh perspective on what they can offer the world. “Modern life can be tricky for young people,” says Jill Fraser. “High academic targets and the unrealistic pressures of social media can create huge stress levels.” The KiB courses are designed help students see beyond these pressures, and gain a broader, more rounded understanding of life. “We hope that getting involved with us will help young people learn an important life lesson,” says Jill Fraser. “You can help yourself by simply helping others.”