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Develop a strong Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) profile and grow a team of confident communicators with bespoke programmes from Kissing it Better. Working with us will build your team’s confidence and communication skills, and enhance staff sensitivity – not just towards clients, but also towards each other. Our courses cover:

  • Communication and confidence building
  • Empathy, dignity and respect
  • Understanding of the challenges of old age



All courses are based on the KiB ethos of ‘creative thoughtfulness in the care of others’, and designed to show how simple ideas can make an immediate and lasting difference to the lives of the most vulnerable people in society, particularly older people.

Kissing it Better in action


We offer:

  • A KiB Creative Thoughtfulness Programme that can be tailored to suit the time available. This course is offered as a highly-interactive virtual programme, or with face-to-face teaching. Once staff have completed the programme, they are encouraged to join our ongoing volunteering project, giving them the chance to deepen their learning, enhance their CVs, and make a difference to the lives of older people across the country.
  • A short ‘awareness’ course

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