Kissing it Better

Fashion in Care Homes

April 2019

KiB’s new Fashion in Care Homes Scheme gives older people back their chance to choose what to wear, by linking care homes to local boutiques. “If people can’t get to the shops to buy their own clothes, why not bring the clothes to them?” says CEO Jill Fraser.

Thousands of older people living in residential care have little or no choice over the clothes they put on every morning. “Imagine getting dressed in the same tired old skirt or trousers, with only another, similar outfit to change into when the first one was in the wash,” says Jill Fraser. “Choosing how you look is a fundamental right, but sadly, most homes don’t offer residents the chance to either buy their own clothes or even see themselves in the mirror. It’s hard to hang on to your sense of self when this is your reality.”

Fashion in Care Homes

KiB’s latest Fashion in Care Homes event was staged at Highbury Park Care Home in Islington, run by Care UK. Staff modelled the outfits, provided by local boutique Kiki, and KiB students brought the music and conversation. “The whole day had a party atmosphere, and offered residents a wonderful shopping experience,” says Jill Fraser.