Kissing it Better

The value of work experience

June 2024

Some students even played music to the patients – The Beatles went down a storm.

They also shared stories with patients and their families: one woman showed photos of her father who fought in both World Wars – and only came out with an appendix scar!

All the students said the experience opened their eyes to what life was really like on a hospital ward, especially for older people.

They also enjoyed meeting Dr Omar Khalil, (who volunteered with KiB when he was at school) and Emma Jones, Dementia Nurse Consultant.

Sixth former Emma said: “Thank you for giving me a place on the work experience. The time spent with patients and talking to the staff was invaluable, and highlighted the importance of communication, empathy, patience and being open-minded.”

Another student commented: “Speaking to the dementia nurse consultants changed my perspective on the way people with dementia behave.”




Jashany and Sophie, KiB Ambassadors

Dr Omar Khalil and the group