Kissing it Better

New KiB book tells tales of isolation from long ago

December 2020

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Our brilliant new book is packed with tales of adventure and bravery from a generation who survived the toughest of times. Evacuation to far off places during the war. Weeks spent in isolation hospitals or in quarantine with TB, diphtheria, or measles. The horrors of being on the Front Line with no experience as a soldier. And many other tales of overcoming hardship with grit and dignity.

‘We have captured tales of bravery, resilience, determination and love,’ says Jill Fraser, CEO of Kissing it Better. ‘We’ve heard funny stories too, from those who have needed to look on the bright side whatever horrors life has thrown at them. And, above all, we have learned that whatever the crisis, there is nearly always some light at the end of the tunnel. All our young writers have learned so much from this experience.’

Our Patron, the comedian and medic Dr Phil Hammond, talks about In My Day: ‘The one essential to human happiness is connection. We are all leaves on a tree, part of something bigger, and these shared stories will help and inspire and connect everyone telling them, listening to them, documenting them and reading them. They are testament to our shared humanity, and the fabulous work of a wonderful charity.’

 In My Day is a joint venture between Kissing it Better and Stratford Literary Festival. Copies cost £9.99 plus postage and packing and can be ordered from: