Kissing it Better

Music-in-Healthcare stories

July 2019

Musicians Dan and Nathan explain what it’s like to run a KiB music session:

Dan told us: “During the session there was a lady sitting alone with her back turned to us, listening but isolated from the group. I started playing Amazing Grace on the accordion and within moments, she grabbed a maraca and joined in. After the performance she told me about her childhood and the importance of church music on her upbringing. Before we wrapped up the session we performed Amazing Grace again, this time she was even more engaged. This experience showed me how important it is to cater my music choices to the audience and how music can help us make connections,” Dan Scott (accordion and piano)

Nathan added: “Today was my first experience of playing pieces to patients on a ward at Birmingham City Hospital. Initially I was nervous, but after engaging with familiar pieces with patients I built up confidence. There was an elderly man singing along to the Irish folk tunes I played. It was amazing to see how lively he became, and how the music was so effective in brightening his day. He was fascinated by the soprano saxophone and he mentioned how he had moved from Ireland many years ago. It was astonishing to hear how the music I had played connected him back to his past memories, and a delight to be able to share my musical knowledge to allow him to relive these memories,” Nathan Lee (saxophone and flute).

To join KiB’s music in healthcare scheme, contact [email protected]