Kissing it Better

Getting to know great-granny

October 2019

Our new workshops for primary schools are helping young children make stronger connections with their older relatives.

Called When Great-Granny Came to Stay, the sessions explore simple ways to make a visit from a much older person a more meaningful and happy experience.

“Sadly, many primary school children rarely see their oldest relatives because parents either find it too hard to find the time to visit, or because the behaviour of a much older relative can be unpredictable,” says Jill Fraser. “The trick is to help young and old understand each other better, so they can enjoy each other’s company.”

The imaginative workshops follow a visit from a fictional great-granny to a child’s home. They demonstrate how the experience can be richly rewarding for the whole family, just by doing the simplest things.

“When old and young spend time together, and really get to know each other, it can be magical,” says Jill Fraser. “The older person feels valued and the younger person feels valuable when they see how much happiness they’ve brought.  With loneliness a major issue for many older people, and low self-esteem an increasing problem for younger people, the benefits for everyone are huge.”