Kissing it Better

Creative crafting for stroke patients

April 2019

At Sandwell Hospital in West Bromwich, KiB is working with the physiotherapy
team to help patients regain their confidence after a debilitating stroke. The
sessions give patients a creative way to improve their communication and
motor skills.

“The brief is to help reframe the patients’ thinking as they progress through their
rehabilitation,” says KiB’s Jackie Roxborough who designed the project. “Within a
couple of weeks, we noticed that people were developing improved concentration
and dexterity. Even more importantly, people say they’ve recovered their belief in
themselves to be able to do something, and see a project through.”

Crafting image

Working with KiB volunteers in the craft club has also helped give patients the
confidence to communicate their fears and frustrations. “The sessions have grown
into a peer group support mechanism,” says Jackie Roxborough. “People are all at
different stages of recovery, and meeting up and working together lets them share
their experiences of how long it can take to see real improvements during the
rehabilitation process.”