Kissing it Better

Volunteering-from-home: virtual visits to care homes now part of our VFH programme

October 2020

All our zooms are designed to broaden your understanding of the many challenges of old age. We hope this will help you support and connect with older people in your community, and we know it will benefit you if you’re keen to pursue a career in healthcare.

For a timetable of this week’s zooms, contact

Zooming into Care Homes

We offer several zooming-into-care-homes sessions every week. These zooms allow you to meet with older people; talk about the things that matter to them, and hear the amazing stories of their life. You can then volunteer to write up some of the stories for our ‘In My Day’ project. These sessions are lively and fun, but they are also run with great sensitivity: older people are never pressured to speak, and there is always a member of their healthcare team on hand.

 KiB  Regular Zooms

These are lively sessions, packed with information about Valuing Older People, our unique volunteering-from-home programme (approved by the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award). The programme offers a range of things you can do to support older people in your community during this difficult time. Download details of our volunteering-from-home programme here:

KiB’s Volunteering from home programme

If you need help with logging your volunteering hours, contact DofE students can use the log sheet provided on eDofE, or access our new KiB evidence log. You can download it here:

KiB Volunteering Activity Log

 Pop-up Zooms

Now we’ve added a raft of pop-up sessions into the mix. These cover different topics, such as dementia and other challenges faced by older people. Taking part in these sessions will enable you to do more for isolated older people in your community.

To join in, contact

 Masterclasses for Healthcare and Medical Students

If you’re looking to work in healthcare or medicine, contact for details of our new masterclasses. Taking part is these sessions can be used as evidence for UCAS applications. Our resident careers expert, Caty Oates, has produced an evidence sheet for medical students and those interested in a career in healthcare. Contact for more information. You can download the evidence sheet here:

Evidence for Careers in Health Care.

If you are planning to make regular phone calls to older people as part of your KiB volunteering, you can download our guidelines here: