KiB and COVID-19

Older people feel more alone and isolated than ever before now that care homes and most hospitals have cancelled visits. The crisis hasn’t stopped KiB: our singers are spreading cheer at a safe distance – on doorsteps, through windows, and in the streets.

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Kissing it Better

Looking after great-granny: a zoom workshop for younger children

May 2020

Before lockdown, our primary school workshops were helping 5-11 year olds to make stronger connections with their older relatives.

We have now developed a Zoom workshop for young children called Looking After Great-Granny, exploring how children can help older people feel remembered and cared for during lockdown. The sessions look at simple ways to help young children understand the challenges of old age. Topics covered include how to have a successful and rewarding phone conversation with an older person – either a relative or a family friend – and how to create thoughtful presents and cards that will really make a difference.

“We start by thinking about how to plan a phone conversation,” says KiB’s Jill Fraser, who runs the sessions, “then we look at how to draw out stories in a thoughtful and caring way. When old and young spend time together, and really get to know each other, it can be magical. The older person feels valued and the children feel valuable when they see how much happiness they’ve brought by unlocking their great-granny’s amazing life stories. There’s no reason that these rewarding relationships should stop during lockdown – with a little thought, we can still show older people respect and love even when we can’t visit them.”

For more information, and to book a workshop for your child, contact Jill at: