KiB and COVID-19

Older people feel more alone and isolated than ever before now that care homes and most hospitals have cancelled visits. The crisis hasn’t stopped KiB: our singers are spreading cheer at a safe distance – on doorsteps, through windows, and in the streets.

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Kissing it Better

Join us weekdays at 4pm for KiB’s unique volunteering-from-home zoom training, great for school, college and DofE students

May 2020

KiB Zooms are lively sessions packed with information about Valuing Older People, our unique volunteering-from-home programme.

Join us every weekday at 4 pm for advice, support and inspiration.

To book a session, email:, giving your name and the name of your school or college.

Taking part in these sessions and our volunteering initiatives can be used as evidence for UCAS applications – great for those looking to work in healthcare or medicine.

The zoom training will take you through our Five Things to Make and Do programme. This programme is approved by the DofE, and will count towards your volunteering hours.

Five Things to Make and Do During Lockdown to Support Older People:

Call an older person once a day, either on the phone, or a video link. The point is to cheer them up and make them feel loved and remembered, so think about what you might like to talk about before you call, and always start by asking them if it’s a good time to talk. You might want to get your family involved, so you can keep the conversation flowing. If you’re doing a regular video call, you could set up a weekly family reminiscence quiz, with clips of music, movies or pictures.

Download our guidelines for making phone call to older people

Create a word picture (or an art picture) about an older person who inspires you. If they’re not currently living with you, use a photo as your guide. Share your work with them, and record their reaction.

Research and write an article about an older person who was separated from their family when they were young, because of a period of quarantine, health isolation or wartime evacuation. More information at:

Make a letter, card or simple gift to send to an older relative or neighbour – or send them to us to go in our goody bags for healthcare staff as they leave their shift. Two ideas: A knitted heart https: //

Or an origami piece (we like elephants!)

To go into our goody bags, send your makes to: The Old Vicarage, Church Lane, Aston Cantlow, Henley in Arden B95 6JB with a note about how and why you made them.

Take a selection of quirky/funny/lovely/ inspirational family photos to send to an older relative to make them smile and show them they are loved. You can send them digitally, or as a photo album.

Finally, if you live next door to an older person who lives alone, suggest they talk to you from their garden (or through a window) while you stand by your fence. It’s a great way of providing connection and companionship without breaching social distancing guidelines. It’s also a good way to check they are safe and well.

If you are doing this programme as part of your DofE, you will need to provide evidence of your work to your DofE leader at school – either as written evidence, photos or a short film.

If you’re looking to use this volunteering for UCAS applications, we have an experienced school career leader on our team, who can help you complete an evidence log. She has also written a helpful guide to volunteering during Covid-19:

Download our Evidence Log
Download our Guide to Volunteering during Covid-19