KiB and COVID-19

Older people feel more alone and isolated than ever before now that care homes and most hospitals have cancelled visits. The crisis hasn’t stopped KiB: our singers are spreading cheer at a safe distance – on doorsteps, through windows, and in the streets.

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Kissing it Better

How to start a conversation in March

March 2020

The Joys of Spring Gardens

As colour creeps back into the gardens and hedgerows, encourage older people to look outside at the changing seasons and appreciate the joys of spring and the feeling of hope that comes from seeing tiny shoots peep through the ground. This is especially important for older people in care homes and hospitals who can feel cut off from the outside world.


The first daffodils of the year are the perfect excuse to read ‘I Wandered Lonely as a Cloud’ together. Most people over the age of 75 learned this famous ode to daffodils off by heart at school, and enjoy showing off their poetry-reciting skills.

Mother’s Day

‘Mothering Sunday’ used to be a religious day when people returned to the ‘mother’ church where they were baptised. Now it’s a celebration of motherhood and a time for children to make their parents wonky cards – always a good talking point.


This international doggie display is billed as the ‘World’s Greatest Dog Show’ and the TV and newspaper pictures are a great way to start conversations about family pets in the old days.

 Spring Cleaning: Traditionally done in March when the weather warmed up. How long did it take in the days before vacuum cleaners?